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Theatrical Flight Training

Disney's The Little Mermaid ~ Julie Montalbano

Since the early 2000's, The Performing Arts Academy has provided the students of St. Bernard Parish with a wide range of educational opportunities to discover their artistic potential. Our Theatrical Flight Training allows interested prospects to get the expertise they need in order to break new grounds in the art world. From Peter Pan to Disney's The Little Mermaid, flight training has been apart of The Performing Arts Academy's elite special effects training. With collaboration from ZFX Flying Effects, The Academy has always pushed to fly to new heights!

Special Effects Makeup

Disney's The Little Mermaid ~ Jessica Adcock

Wondering what you can do to improve your training? At The Performing Arts Academy, we have the equipment and artistic team to design and create special effects makeup and wigs. With airbrush machines, cold and hot foam latex prosthetics, fun adhesives and gadgets, we pick productions that showcase the talent and design work of our students.  

Technical Theatre Training

Chalmette High Cultural Arts Theater

Are you a Techie who is looking for a way to have your talents be discovered? Our Technical Theatre Training is a great way into the industry. Whether you’re looking to gain expert advice or you want to work on developing the right skills, our  Technical Theatre Training is taught by industry professionals. We have our students work on lighting, sound and set design. Before you know it, we will have you on stage.... or backstage in no time giving the cues!